One of the most annoying presents to get is a voucher. You get a voucher for the wrong shop or the value check represents an amount which isn’t enough to buy a certain thing, so you still need to add euros. But FCOL: I realized that I’m the annoying person who actually gives vouchers as a birthday present: The Gulden Coupon.

As the name suggests, the Gulden Coupon – no shit sherlock – is a voucher which represents a certain amount of Gulden (NLG). The digital voucher does exists since November 2016, and from that date dozens of Gulden have been gifted, tells inventor Diego Voors on Slack.

Some people don’t trust anything they don’t know…

I have three reasons why I give Gulden vouchers. Firstly, I think it is an original (or less non-original) present than a regular gift card. Secondly, you can redeem the altcoin for old-fashioned euros, so the recipient has a voucher that he can spend basically everywhere. Thirdly – the main reason – I want to make as many friends, relatives and acquaintances familiar with Gulden. We have a Dutch saying: “What the farmer does not know, he does not eat”, but hopefully, this way he does.

How to give Gulden away

Do you want to gift the cryptocoin? Below you will find the 1-minute-and-a-bit guide, better know as a YouTube video (including Dutch and English subtitles). I assume you already have a Gulden Wallet.

You pay a fee of 3% + 5 NLG for giving Gulden through the coupon. “I charge this to pay for maintaining and updating of,” says founder Diego Voors. “And at the end, there maybe will some profit.”

How to redeem a Gulden voucher

Have you received a coupon (from me) and are you curious how to make the digital currency yours? Below is the 1-minute-and-a-bit manual.