Do or do not invest in Gulden? Are the Antshares developers still busy building their Chinese smart contracts? To keep up to date with the latest news about Ethereum, Gulden, Dash and other altcoins, I give you some tips (so you don’t have to search anymore ;-)).

1. Follow specialized (news) sites

There are hundreds, if not thousands of websites that can keep you on track about the latest developments on Bitcoin. However, I’m also interested in news about Ethereum, Gulden, Nexus or other altcoins. The websites I regularly visit:

Most editors write mainly about Bitcoins and the top 5 altcoins (currently Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash and Monero), so if you really want to read more about a particular altcoin, then become a member of Reddit (a social news site). There you will find various subreddits about all kinds of block-related topics, such as Litecoin.

If you are still looking for interesting news about …


  • You don’t have to understand Gulden, (07-02-2017)
  • ‘When I woke up this morning, I had 100,000 euros less than yesterday’, (19-10-2016)
  • Most User-Friendly Crypto? Gulden User Experience Streamlined in Major Update, (05-12-2016)

2. Subscribe to altcoins Slack

As an altcoin, you’re not mainstream without a decent Slack channel. Through this chat program, developers or community managers (yes, some blockchain builders hire these people) inform interested fellows about everything complying to their products.

To keep overview on all Slack channels, I use the Franz, a free program. Through this software you have everything (including Gmail, WhatsApp and Slack) in one screen.

3. Become a member of Bitcointalk

The Bitcointalk forum is a gathering place for anyone involved in Bitcoin or alternative coins (altcoins). That means that many news is also shared on this forum. To participate in discussions, you need an account, but if you’re – just like me – a passive reader, you can also get started without an account.

4. Follow the prices of altcoins

There’s no more fun (or not) when tracking the prices of different altcoins. As the rate of cryptocurrency fluctuates a lot (aka volatile), it may happen that in one day you see 20% of the value of Gulden rising or disappearing …

Free advice: The volatility of digital currency initially leads to high blood pressure, but it goes without saying. An overview of websites and apps that let you easily track the prices.






Do you know a good news site, a program to track the prices or do you have other feedback? Let me know!