With more than 750 different cryptocurrencies on the market, it can be difficult to determine in which altcoin you should invest. Sharing = caring, that’s why I share some of our purchases of the month May.

As you will notice, this time I had a strong preference for projects which are using storage in the blockchain.

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Michiel’s altcoin purchases

Storj Token (STORJ)

StorjWhat? Storj, a blockchain-based, encrypted cloud storage formula.

Why? A lot of reasons, but mostly because I think data storage in the blockchain has the future. Next to that, Storj will be moved to Ethereum. That shows vision.

Result? For now I really don’t know, cause it was a crowdsale. Costs where 50 dollar cents a token. We will see what happen if STORJ will be available at the exchanges.

Siacoin (SIA)

What? Siacoin, like STORJ a blockchain-based encrypted cloud storage solution.

Why? Like I already wrote I like blockchain projects which aren’t an alternative to the monetary system. Next to that: The cloud services from Siacoin are way cheaper than STORJ.

Result? The hype train arrived also for SIA this month. Bought it for around 500 Satoshi a piece and after that the coin reached 950 Satoshi, but I didn’t sold. I will keep it for the long term and hopefully use it to actually pay for storing some old family photos 🙂

Hush (HUSH)

HushWhat? Hush, a cryptocurrency formerly known as Zdash.

Why? In Altcoin thought & bought #1 Jaap told us he purchased some coins based on name. So did I. Furthermore I saw this article on Steemit. Buy low with hopefully a high ROI? Let’s try it!

Result? Hush is for the long term, so we will see what happens.