“Join game x and get Bitcoins for free.”

“Answer these questions and you will get some Satoshi!”

If something sounds too good to be true then that’s usually the case. Free Bitcoins doesn’t exist, or at least I never met a merciful Samaritan that was giving Satoshi for free.

Nope, in return for “free” Bitcoins, the ‘merciful Samaritans’ expect you to return a favour; so let’s call it a barter.

And with this form of ‘free’ bitcoins and altcoins is nothing wrong at all. Even better, a substantial part of my cryptocurrency portfolio consists out of ‘free’ coins that I’ve bartered. ? Do you wonder how? I will explain!

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Join a poll and earn Bitcoins

Do you want to receive a handful of Satoshi in return for answering some questions? Where you will receive vouchers at Kantar, you will receive Satoshi for completing surveys at 21.co. In addition to surveys, the platform also offers an email (and earning small pieces of Bitcoin with it), but I never found out how.

The survey section though; So you get some digital money for answering “what do you do for work”. I never got more than 5 questions (and earned around 7.000 Satoshi), but it may be more in the future.

Playing free games = chance to win Satoshi

Earning Satoshi while relaxing? You can by playing games! The game earnings model is simple. While you play games online, you are regularly treated with banners and other promotional features. For an advertisement, the game publisher receives money and you could (yes, could) receive a (minimum) percentage in the form of Satoshi. Therefore, you can’t play these games if you have an Adblocker on your browser or phone.

Tips for good game sites I can’t give you because I do not know which game suits you best. If you’re lazy and don’t want to Google it:

  • Here you can play a quiz and get a chance at Satoshi
  • Here you can earn Bitcoin with puzzles
  • Here you get – with a derivative of Flappy Bird – cryptocurrency on your Android phone.

No, I do not receive any money for linking to these games ?

The games occur in many forms. A clear overview of Satoshi games can be found on Cryptorials.

Earn altcoins by participating in bounty programs

A popular way to earn free altcoins is participating in so-called bounty rewards. In exchange for certain services, you will receive a fee in the form of altcoins.

On Bitcointalk you can find lots of bounty programs and, for example, let’s take a look at the Monaco Card bounty program. The founders of this blockchain project rewarded people with MCO tokens to join their social media channels or translate the Bitcointalk page.

Per bounty program, it may vary widely how you can redeem a reward. For example, I have written a translation for Boscoin. Positively the Boscoins I received for translation were sent to me pretty quickly.

However, my experiences with the TaaS bounty program are not good. Among other things, I participated in the newsletter and Facebook bounty, but unfortunately I have never received anything.

Nothing comes for free

At the end all three of the above tips do not cost money, only time. Apart from that, it’s a nice way to take your first steps in the blockchain world without financial means.

Do you have any tips or feedback to earn “free” Bitcoins or Altcoins? I like to hear it!