While ICOs (including those of Wagerr, Bancor and Dcorp) shoot up like mushrooms, it is also important to keep an eye on the “ordinary”, existing cryptocurrencies. Sharing = caring, hence my colleague Rogier and I will tell you which coins we bought in June.

This month I checked some cryptocurrencies offered on Cryptopia. Rogier made his purchases at Bittrex and Kraken.

Rogier bought

Antshares (ANS)

Antshares / NEOWhat? Antshares, A Chinese smart contract initiative that will bear the name NEO in a few months.

Why? I read earlier that Jaap his buying strategy was look at that funny name; I’m looking at trends. This month I bought Antshares for the first time and later I bought them again. Why? I told you before ūüôā Because the trend line was bullish.

Result? Due to speculation (because of a conference) the ANS rate was particularly volatile this month. The price was at its lowest point at 45,000 Satoshi and a peak of 413,000 Satoshi; 9 times multiplier! Meanwhile, he is hanging around 330,000 Satoshi, but I expect he’ll be over all time high.

Gulden (NLG)

GuldenWhat? Gulden, the original Dutch currency before the Euro replaced it. Now available as a cryptocurrency.

Why?¬†Gulden¬†was for me the first altcoin I ever got as a present. I then bought them to get some feeling with “Bitcoin and altcoins”.

Result? Gulden was, like most of the altcoins, hit by the Bitcoin fallout, but fortunately, it was not that hard. I have lost less than 10 percent of my investment. I think Gulden will break his all time high next month. In addition, I look forward to the release of PoW². I expect that to have a positive effect on the value!

Monero (XMR)

MoneroWhat? Monero, a blockchain project that focuses primarily on facilitating anonymous transactions.

Why? I chose XMR on the recommendation of a friend. XMR is a very stable coin, but past guarantees also do not provide any guarantee for the future …

Result? For me Monero is a long term investment, but if you’re curious, I’m already a few percent up and that’s way better than the interest I’d get on a regular bank savings account.

Rogier: “My investments are based on advice from others, and I also check the trend line from an altcoin; is it bearish or bullish? My tip: Look at the trend a coin seems to follow. And to be fair: sometimes my purchases are based on “good luck”.

To date, I’ve lost some and won some euros. However, this may vary by day (or even minute). Because of that I’m not feeling a little of my game.”

Michiel bought

Atmos (ATMS)

Atmos, NovusphereWhat?¬†Atmos, ‘fuel’ for Novusphere, which wants to offer decentralized content distribution.

Why? Although the company Novus probably started this blockchain project for other reasons, I think of content distribution in the form of news. Where there is strict censorship in certain countries, that censorship is paralyzed if news is offered decentralized.

Result? Till now Atmos is no fun, given that I bought them for 315 Satoshi each and the value is 218 Satoshi right now. Since Bitcoin was volatile in the last month, I lost more than 33 percent.

Condensate (RAIN)

Condesate RAINWhat? Condensate, a crypto that wants to support researchers in climate research. NASA for example.

Why?¬†See above. Zie bovenstaande zin. Painful enough for Condensate I think the explanation on their website¬†very disappointing and actually I didn’t want to buy it. However, the infographic on Bitcointalk gave some more clarity.

Result? No tears of happiness ūüôā ‘Fortunately’, I bought them from the profit that I made with Hush, so there is no need to cry.

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Wagerr (WGR)

WagerrWhat? Wagerr, a decentralized sportsbook.

Why? A scam or not? I decided to take a gamble (padum pats) and step into the idea of Dr. David Mah, especially because of the white paper in which the earnings model was clearly described; I had not encountered one of the other 700+ cryptocurrencies yet.

Result? On the Waves Platform, WGR is now trading for one and a half times as much as I paid for it, so in the short term I could get fast profits. Wagerr is HODL for me because the gambling market is huge and even if the WGR is able to take a teeny weeny tiny bit out of the market, this altcoin can go to the moon.