Fork day survived? Nice! Now that we have experienced the saying of “make a mountain out of a molehil” in practice, it is time for go back to the daily struggles. That means: a new altcoin diary, this time aimed at Proof of Stake.

This time I looked into Proof of Stake coins… and Litecoin.

Michiel bought

Mintcoin (MINT)

MintcoinWhat? Mintcoin, a PoS currency with a circulating amout of more than 23 billion at the time of writing.

Why? Because I build my own hardware stake wallet for less than 25 dollars. What’s the use of a stake wallet if you don’t have any stake coins / wallets running on it?

Result? Haha, what can I write about that? Mintcoins are practically worthless; at this moment around 4 Satoshi. On the other hand, a couple of months ago Reddcoin had the same value, but got pumped recently. Long story short, that’s not the reason why I bought Mintcoin, I will see what happens.

Stratis (STRAT)

StratisWhat? Stratis, applications can be build on this blockchain. Not really special, except the use case is the well known programming language C#. The coin STRAT (associated with the project) is a token that gives you a kind of share in the company Stratis.

Why? Same reason as Mintcoin: Proof of Stake, but next to that because I could buy STRAT at a good price.

Result? Stable. It has been a few months since we saw any regular coin double in value within a few days. STRAT has brought mee fifteen percent profit of purchase price of 150,000 Satoshi. Not that bad.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin (LTC)What? Litecoin; if BTC is gold, then LTC is silver.

Why? LTC has been in my portfolio since I started with cryptocurrencies and any way you slice it; In the recent months the currency has done well. The fact that creator Charlie Lee has decided to dedicate his time completely to Litecoin, makes me feel positive about LTC.

Result? If you want, I can add some Fibonacci series and bar charts to support my assumption. In the end, I expect LTC to achieve excellent returns over the long term. Based on what I read? Towards the 100 dollars.