During the last Crypto Café Utrecht it was discussed: where is the latest altcoin diary? Now, here it is and Crypto Café Utrecht organizer Jeffrey is so kind to share one of his purchases this time. Why? Because this  bought & thought goes about privacy focused altcoins (in the broadest sense of the word).

Because my Antminer L3+ came in this month, I had to move my priorities for a while, so the diary was waiting. 🙂

Michiel bought


NAVcoinWhat? NAVcoin, a PoS coin that focuses on anonymous transactions, as well as Pivx, Dash, Monero, Hush, Spectrecoin, Signatum and dozens of other blockchain projects.

Why? It sounds like a dime a dozen, but I became excited about two things. 1) The enthusiasm for Raspberry 2) ADapps, better explained as anonymous applications in the blockchain. As far as I know, it does not exist yet.

Nice read: Build your own NavPi for staking NAVcoin

Result? It’s a bit unclear to me why, but NAVcoin has been a rocket last month. The ROI was x5, so I’m more than satisfied!


SignatumWhat? Signatum, a PoW coin that will soon will go to PoS. The coin in question focuses on anonymous transactions.

Why? No ICO, no pre-mine and still for a relatively low amount. Looking at the way Spectrecoin, Hush and PivX went, I speculate that Signatum will go the same way.

Result? In my theory, Signatum should moon, but at the present the coin is rolling off the hill. But, as I said before, losing money is part of the game.


RivetzWhat? Rivetz, A blockchain application that takes into account the protection of smart devices. Think about your cell phone, as well as washing machines.

Why? I do not only want my computer to be well protected, but also my mobile phone. Theoretically Rivetz will do the trick

Result? Nothing yet, because it was an ICO. At the time of writing, the ICO just ended, so the recap follows the end of the year.

Jasper bought


BATWhat? Basic Attention Token (BAT), a token that allows advertisers to purchase data and / or advertising and show them to anonymous users. The users receive a fee in exchange for viewing ads or parts of data: BAT.

Why? I think it is a very interesting project in terms of marketing. Furthermore, the people behind BAT are highly regarded. Among other things, the developer of Javascript and Firefox is the father of this child.

Result? Variable, but in the long run I expect something positive!