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Altcoin bought & thought #3: Antshares, Atmos, Condensate, Gulden, Monero & Wagerr

Altcoin bought & thought #6: Ambrosus, Ark & IOTA2 min

Over the past few months, I didn’t see a lot of interesting ICOs, but in October it was finally a hit. Next to that, I participated on a tip that I received at Crypto Café Utrecht.

The fail named Signatum, is almost forgotten (clarification). At the moment, I’m theoretically (“as long as you don’t sell, you didn’t loose anything”) more than 75 percent in red on this coin, but as I stated earlier: losing money is part of the job.

Hopefully the following purchases will bring more prosperity!

Michiel bought


AmbrosusWhat? Ambrosus, a project that combines blockchain with hardware (including sensors). The focus is on quality control of, among other things, food. Is milk from the farm to the shelves in the supermarket always transported refrigerated?

Why? The team behind Ambrosus looks great and knowledgeable. In addition, the token Amber has a real value in the Ambrosus project.

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Result? Ambrosus is an ICO, so the result will last for a while.


ArkWhat? Ark, a blockchain that wants to function as a bridge between different blockchains.

Why? Ark has been in my portfolio for a long time and what I appreciate about this crypto is that it takes a fairly unique proposition. Instead of number 13 in the dozen, it focuses on a fairly unique problem.

Result? With all Bitcoin forks of the past few weeks, the results of actually every altcoin are negative. Looking at a few months ago, the prospect is a lot better.


IOTAWat? IOTA, a blockchain application that would like to facilitate payment on smart devices such as washing machines, gas stations and candy machines.

Waarom? Like Rivetz and Ambrosus, IOTA is also a project focusing on hardware in the blockchain, which I find interesting. Olaf, which I met during Crypto Café Utrecht, is the main measure of measurements this time. He is very excited about this project, which I was motivated to deepen.

Resultaat? Although I had bad hopes, I have to say that the financial results aren’t disappointing at all! Let’s hope that the trend continues.


Altcoin dagboek #6: Ambrosus, Ark & IOTA


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