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Wat is een smart contract?

What is a smart contract?

“Blockchain is going to replace the notary.” “The blockchain technology will change the casino landscape.” All possible, thanks to smart contracts. What is a smart contract and what does it mean to us?

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2FA Google Authenticator on Cryptocurrency exchanges

All you need to know about 2FA on cryptocurrency exchanges

Whoever uses exchanges like Bittrex or Kraken has probably seen it: 2FA. What is 2FA and why should you use it and how? And most importantly: What to do if you lost your 2FA?

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Altcoin bought & thought #3: Antshares, Atmos, Condensate, Gulden, Monero & Wagerr

Altcoin bought & thought #5: BAT, NAVcoin, Rivetz & Signatum

During the last Crypto Café Utrecht it was discussed: where is the latest altcoin diary? Now, here it is and Crypto Café Utrecht organizer Jeffrey is so kind to share one of his purchases this time. Why? Because this  bought & thought goes about privacy focused altcoins (in the broadest sense of the word).

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Proof of Stake Altcoin dagboek #4: Litecoin, Mintcoin & Stratis

Altcoin bought & thought #4: Litecoin, Mintcoin & Stratis

Fork day survived? Nice! Now that we have experienced the saying of “make a mountain out of a molehil” in practice, it is time for go back to the daily struggles. That means: a new altcoin diary, this time aimed at Proof of Stake.

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Build your own hardware 'stake wallet' for altcoins for less than 25 euros with a Raspberry Zero

Build your own hardware ‘stake wallet’ for altcoins for less than 25 euros with a Raspberry Zero

If you collect dozens of altcoin, then it’s a crime to download (every blockchain) and update every wallet. Unfortunately, most of the time a new blockchain project doesn’t provide a electrum wallet to store your coins. That means you’re left to the core wallets, which means lot of gigabytes of blockchain. It’s a waste to use your computer for that, because there’s a mini computer that can do the same: The Raspberry Zero!

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Tips voor gratis Bitcoins en altcoins

How to get altcoins and Bitcoins for free

“Join game x and get Bitcoins for free.”

“Answer these questions and you will get some Satoshi!”

If something sounds too good to be true then that’s usually the case. Free Bitcoins doesn’t exist, or at least I never met a merciful Samaritan that was giving Satoshi for free.

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ICO staat voor Initial Coin Offering

What’s an ICO and how to participate?

In the blockchain world, the ICCs are currently flying around the ears. Do not be fooled because let the word ICO fall and gold seekers get it down as bees to the honey. For example, BAT blockchain project managed to collect more than 30 million euros in just 24 seconds, and Bancor scrapped in one day the dazzling amount of 134 million euros.

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Explanation: What you need to know when buying a miner

Explanation: What you need to know when buying a miner

As you may have read, I took my first steps in being a mining 1337 a few weeks ago. In the meanwhile, things have changed, because thanks to a new miner I’m making a profit!

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Bitcoin en altcoin voor dummies, waar moet je op letten?

Investments in Bitcoin and altcoin for dummies, what are my rules?

Since the huge price increases of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and other altcoins, I get more and more questions of eager dummies who want to ride the cryptocurrency wave. Cause, like I said before, who doesn’t want to become the next crypto millionaire?.

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Zelf Gulden minen met een Raspberry Pi + LKETC usb miner

Become an altcoin miner: Mine Gulden with a Raspberry Pi + LKETC usb miner for less than 100 euro

Who doesn’t want to become the next cryptocurrency millionaire? One thing I can tell you in advance: Gulden (or euros) will not rain down on you with the miner described in this article. But, if you want to contribute to the philosophy behind Gulden, take your first steps in altcoin mining and/or start with a LKETC miner and Raspberry Pi? Then you’re at the right place.

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