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Altcoin bought & thought #3: Antshares, Atmos, Condensate, Gulden, Monero & Wagerr

Altcoin bought & thought #5: BAT, NAVcoin, Rivetz & Signatum

During the last Crypto Café Utrecht it was discussed: where is the latest altcoin diary? Now, here it is and Crypto Café Utrecht organizer Jeffrey is so kind to share one of his purchases this time. Why? Because this  bought & thought goes about privacy focused altcoins (in the broadest sense of the word).

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Build your own hardware 'stake wallet' for altcoins for less than 25 euros with a Raspberry Zero

Build your own hardware ‘stake wallet’ for altcoins for less than 25 euros with a Raspberry Zero

If you collect dozens of altcoin, then it’s a crime to download (every blockchain) and update every wallet. Unfortunately, most of the time a new blockchain project doesn’t provide a electrum wallet to store your coins. That means you’re left to the core wallets, which means lot of gigabytes of blockchain. It’s a waste to use your computer for that, because there’s a mini computer that can do the same: The Raspberry Zero!

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